1st Time Central Heating  Grants

About the Scheme

First Time Central Heating Grants are available for the installation of central heating systems into homes which do not have, and have not previously had a central heating system.

In the UK, there is a large number of properties that still do not have any central heating system, and we are working with homeowners to claim ECO3 grants for first time gas central heating systems.

Using the Government’s ECO3 scheme, Suitable householders throughout the UK can now obtain an ECO3 grant for a brand new gas boiler and central heating system.


Do you have ?

  1. Electric room heaters or storage heaters
  2. Gas room heaters
  3. Gas fire with back boiler
  4. Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler
  5. Electric underfloor or ceiling heating
  6. Bottled LPG room heating
  7. Solid fossil fuel room heaters
  8. Wood/biomass room heating
  9. Oil room heater

Then you qualify

Dependant on your current circumstances and property type, you could have an A-rated energy-efficient boiler and central heating system installed in your home for free. (Subject to free home survey)

FTCH systems will be gas; it will include a new A-rated boiler plus new boiler pipework, radiators and a new gas connection if your home is reasonably close to the UK mains gas network.

All Radiators to be placed in your habitable rooms, like the living room, bedrooms etc. Receiving a fully funded first-time central heating system will make your home more comfortable and help you save energy and money.

Your home must be well insulated

To qualify for First Time Central Heating Grants your home must have adequate loft insulation installed and if it has cavity walls, it must have cavity wall insulation installed.

If it does not have either of these installed at the time of your application, the installer of your new central heating system will arrange it for you, free of charge

Take control of your heating now, save time and money. No more cleaning the coal fire out, chopping wood and cleaning up after.

Set your timer to warm your home for when you get up!

First time Central Heating – Free Survey

We will only know after your free survey has been carried out whether you are entitled to a grant. You can withdraw your application at any time without incurring any cost

No application fees / No survey  fees/ No Charges

    Are you a homeowner?*

    Is your name on the land registry for the property?:

    What relationship do you have to the person on the land registry?:

    How many bedrooms do you have?*
    What type of property are you applying for?*
    Does your house have cavity walls or solid walls?*
    Are you interested in Exterior or Interior Wall insulation?*
    How is your home currently heated?*
    Do you have a gas meter at the property?*

    Are your cavity walls insulated?*

    How old is your Boiler?*

    Are you a private tenant?

    What are you interested in ?

    Sorry, we cannot supply boiler upgrades to tenants at the moment.
    If you leave your details, we will contact you when funding for tenants becomes available.
    The more information you give us, the better chance we have of finding funding for you

    How many storage heaters do you have* (not panel heaters)?
    How many electric heaters do you have?*
    Do you have gas feed into your home?*

    Sorry, we can only help homeowners or private tenants at the moment. But funding changes all the time.
    If you leave your details, we will contact you when funding for tenants becomes available.
    The more information you give us, the better chance we have of finding funding for you

    Some schemes require benefits, others do-not, but it could help us find funding for you.

    *Income based Jobseekers allowance *Income related Employment & Support Allowance *Income Support *Pension Credit *Housing Benefit
    *Tax Credits (Child or Working Tax Credit) *Universal Credit

    Are you in receipt of any of the above income based benefits?*

    There are schemes for those who do-not receive any of the above income based benefits, but do get other benefits, such as
    Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Severe Disablement Allowance.

    Do you receive any of these Benefits*

    We also have schemes for those residents with long term illnesses.

    Does anyone living in the property take regular medication?*

    Some schemes are available for those with a total GROSS household income of less than £31,000 per year.

    Is your total household GROSS income less than £31k*

    Your details...

    Your name:*
    Your email address:*
    Your Mobile Number:* (We contact you via text at first)

    You do-not have to give us your date of birth, but there are schemes aimed at certain age groups only.
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